Sunday, August 7, 2011

Days 5, 6, & 7: The Weekend

  • Down 4lbs from start weight
  • 400m warm up run on Saturday morning felt easier, and was faster than usual
  • I have tried some new foods
  • I have avoided alcohol for the entire first week of the challenge despite the temptation to want to chug a beer out of frustration. (This gets me a + on the score sheet.  Finally, something that gets me on the + side of this challenge.)
  • Haven't been "strict paleo" a single day of this challenge to date
  • Only made it to WOD twice this week (first time since I started that I haven't been to the gym a minimum of 3 days/week with the exception of my vacation week)
  • I had more cons running through my head earlier, but can't think of them now that I am writing.
I know this is short, but it pretty much sums up the weekend without giving the play by play of each meal.  Some were paleo, some were not.  I can tell you that I tried some of my left over frittata again, and just couldn't stomach it.  I tried!  On to week 2 of the challenge.

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