Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 3: The Hungry One

I did my first benchmark Workout of the Day (otherwise referred to as the WOD) this afternoon. 
Benchmark WOD #1: GRACE
30 clean & jerks for time
55lbs in 4:35

The last time I completed Grace I started at 65lbs, but had to drop to 55lbs rather quickly.  Today I stuck with 55lbs for the whole time, with improved form, and 1:54 quicker that the last time. My goal for the end of challenge WOD is to complete GRACE fully at 65lbs in 4:35 or less. I'm sure a few more goals will develop the rest of this week.

Now on to the real challenge.  I feel hungry All. The. Time.  Breakfast was improved today, but still not quite filling.  It consisted of  half of a banana, 2 Applegate Farms Savory Turkey Sausage links, and Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Hot Tea.  This breakfast is on the right track, but I need to add a little more of something else.  I got a few suggestions at the gym tonight that I will try out this weekend. 

Today was my first day back at work.  After snacking on pistachios all morning, I successfully avoided the provided lunch (Firehouse Subs) in favor of my packed lunch of grilled chicken breast, a wholly guacamole snack pack with jicama chips, and an orange.  I drank a lot of water all day.  I did have a Diet Coke with my lunch which, I believe, is not on the Paleo food/beverage list.  Compared to the lunch failure on Day 1, I think a Diet Coke today isn't so bad. 

Arugula Frittata
I think I found a good breakfast addition tonight.  I made an Arugula Frittata, a recipe I found in one of my cookbooks The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook by Jack Bishop.  It was easy to make, tasted good (would be even better with some feta cheese), and saves well.  I ate if for dinner tonight with a side of garden fresh grape tomatoes and cucumber that I received from my co-teacher today.  So fresh and delicious. 

Garden Fresh Veggies

I also found a nice dessert that squashes the ice cream craving.  Last night I enjoyed a few strawberries topped with a splash of vanilla almond milk.  It was perfect.  The almond milk added just the right amount of creaminess. 

All in all, today was a good day.  I am not convinced this is a diet I could follow daily long term, but in general I follow the Paleo guidelines for lunch and dinner (even before I had heard of the Paleo diet.).  Breakfast will continue to be the challenge, but I am having fun figuring it out and trying new recipes. 

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