Monday, August 1, 2011

And so the journey begins....

Day 1: 30 Day Paleo Challenge

To begin, for those who have no idea about the Paleo Diet, in a nutshell, it is a diet of meat, vegetables, and fruits (no dairy, no legumes, no grains).  You can certainly read up about it online to get the nitty gritty details.

Why am I doing this challenge? 
Well, mostly because I like a little competition and a good challenge.  I joined a CrossFit gym in early June.  Many CrossFitters are followers of the Paleo Diet (also known as the Caveman Diet), and I've heard a lot of talk about it at the gym.  I also have a long time friend who, for the most part, follows a Paleo Diet.  So, why not take on a challenge.  After all, it is only for 30 days. 

My initial thoughts and anxiety about this challenge:
BREAKFAST!  I typically eat oatmeal cooked in milk (grains and dairy all in one), or have an English muffin and some fruit with a glass of milk.  I'm a slightly picky eater.  Not a big fan of eggs, and when I do eat an omelet or scrambled egg it has cheese in it.  (Do you see my problem with breakfast?)

I didn't have concerns for the rest of my meals because I like meat, poultry, pork, veggies, and fruit.  I just don't want these things for breakfast. 

So, How did Day 1 go?
I would call it an Epic Fail.  breakfast consisted of a banana-blueberry-almond milk smoothie.  It tasted fine, but wasn't satisfying at all.  I was famished about an hour later.  I was caught up in a meeting at my new school without snacks, and at lunch I caved.  It was a Mexican Fiesta.  I actually didn't inhale the chips (but I did enjoy my share), but I think the rice and refried beans pretty much ruined the meal.  Sure hit the spot though.  My new neighbors invited me for dinner which was delicious and wasn't bad in terms of paleo standards - sausage, cabbage with onions, and a small piece of cornbread (ok, the cornbread was a bad choice).  I had some orange slices and one cookie (offered to me by a 5 year old...hard to resist) for dessert. 
Overall, I had higher expectations for Day 1.  However, I know to always have a snack in my bag, and that I need to find a better breakfast.  Tomorrow will be a better Paleo eating day.

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